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The secrets to get stuff done [part 3 – Attention]


3. Attention

Your habits will eventually be your automatic when it no longer requires discipline or will power to a certain action. At the start, you have to put some efforts to make it stick, set specific behaviours, at specific times.

You should  push yourself over a long period of time to follow this up. Focus on some of the most important tasks in starting a business that I mentioned earlier. Act on them for 15-20 min for the next 15 days and see how well you are doing. (Use the website: to follow up)

Fitness training is a very good example. People who are used in doing it will feel bad if they stop going to the gym. Their bodies actually start to feel the need for exercise.

A lot of good performers are not really aware of their great performances. This is because they have been doing it many times and they have already built their rituals naturally.

However, doing the things that you need to do to make a online business is not only dependent on good habits. It also depends on the environment you create around yourself. Therefore, your attention should also be aimed at your environment, especially if you are practicing new habits.

How much time do you spend each day responding to emails, checking Facebook, aimlessly surfing news sites, and buying things you don’t really need? How much time do you spend doing stuff online that doesn’t add much value to your life, or anyone else’s?

Sad to say, we share the same problems with animals once we plan our future. We don’t have the freedom to choose pain or to reject pleasure. We want all of actions to make us feel good. Nevertheless, our advantage over animals is that we can aim at a particular goal. We can accept a certain amount of present pain, in exchange to the benefits or pleasure we can enjoy in the future.

This is also how we were able to endure long years of studying for a degree. At the back of our minds, we have a picture that someday, we can get a high paying job. By that time, we can reach a certain social status and can receive material things that can somehow compensate with the boredom during our school days.

The moral of the story is this:

When you create your own habits, your body and feelings will not agree with you at all, but you should be ready for it. And give it attention:

You should still do them even if your body is whining! People who have quit smoking or have stopped eating junk foods understand what I’m saying. Your mind and body are not good friends sometimes.

Hobby entrepreneurs rarely take action, and if they do, they usually feel half hearted. They tend to quit once they are about to face obstacles or challenges, and they run right back to their comfort of reading blogs, and paying for programs that promise them shortcuts to success.

But here’s the thing. Simply be aware how you trick your brain to take on boring actions. 

No matter how many times you deny this fact, your mind will always be a servant of your desires. It strongly develops so that it can satisfy your desires.

That's why you should always remember the reasons why you really want to start your online business, and make that your main motivation. (as the paper you get from your degree)



Part 1: Time: Prioritise your most important tasks, and divide into smaller tasks.
Part 2: Focus: Work in short session, with high engagement, take breaks.
Part 3: Attention: Be aware of your actions. Build habits over time.


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