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The 4 biggest cold email mistakes

I get a lot of cold email since I have a business registered on my email, but since most of them is in Norwegian I can`t really use them as an example on this blog. But today I got one in english and they make the most mistakes that literally destroy their reply rate.

Here is the email copy:


Mistake 1: Not a name
This is a obvious one, but so important, since the name will show in the second title inside their email program, so it will affect the open rate as well. Another reason is that most people will continue to the second sentence that will be your value proposition.

With no name they are most likely deleting your email the second the feeling that this is a generic email sent to thousands of people. 

Mistake 2: Vague excuse for finding your email 
"I was surfing the internet" that. is. supergeneric !!!  If you want to explain where you found their info, linked in, their website try to make a story why you was searching in the first place. Example: "I just helped a similar business in your niche and was searching for a similar company I could help"

Mistake 3: Shotgun approach
Yes I am sure you can help with many things, but in a cold email you should ONLY focus on one, maximum two services.

Mistake 4: Give them work, instead of gifts
My cold email game was exploding when I was offering free ads for my ad management service. Before that I was saying almost the same as this email "please contact me" but think about it, why would you throw the ball in their corner? you are the one approaching – use open question like "when is the best time to reach you?" "Do you prefer I contact you on phone or email" 

The one I am using now is giving them a gift for replying "If you want me to pay for your ads to prove I can market you with ROI, answer this email and let`s make it happen" 

Smaller but important mistakes:
– A generic email ( gmail ) you should always have @yourbusiness.com behind your first name
– A link to a video page, webpage, testimonials or more information.