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delegate work to a freelancer

Cold email copy

Cold email copy checklist:

The number one lesson I learned as a telemarketer was to take care of the biggest objections before they even got brought up.

This is more important doing cold emails copy, because you can`t take care of it on the spot. Once your target audience has made up his mind that your service is not for them, you have lost them.

When doing cold email copy:

1) Try to follow the AIDA principle or at least have a strategy behind your copy, the goal of the first sentence should be to read the second, the goal of the second should be to read the third etc.

cold email copy

2) ALWAYS split test, try new approaches, new claims and watch the results in replies and interest. Be creative with the “competition-part” you can write stuff like “a common problem in your niche” “your competition have problems with…”

3) Send a lot of emails, the more emails you send the more data you will you have to see trends, objections and change the copy after what works. When you notice a pattern, make sure you design your webpage after that as well, so you have a red thread from what you are saying in your email and what they will see visiting your webpage.

How to deal with overwhelm

When we start out helping business owners we get our first deal and love the work, we take so much pride in out first project, I remember staying up the whole night just from the excitement !

Once I got my next project I realized that it’s actually a lot of work. (strange right)

I did it all myself and end up feeling very stressed about it. Though like “this is too hard” “it is too much work” (at that time I had a 9 to 5 as well)

There is a common misconception from people who are used to having a job, that you have to suffer through this yourself. You have to somehow manage your own time and figure it out. But it exist a much better solution to this.

When you get your first sale, you don’t have to sit there and figure out every little part of the project all by yourself, if you can outsource it. If you can pass some of the work along to another person for $4 an hour (upwork.com is my favorite), then there is no reason to stress yourself out about it.

The lesson is that from day one, as soon as it’s possible, give away the work that you’re not able to do or that you don’t want to do. Delegate the simple tasks to someone else. Learn this skill as soon as possible. 

That doesn’t mean that you’re going to be sitting on your yacht while all these people do the work for you. That’s not what I’m saying. You still need to work, but your job in the company should be the person who gets the sales.

You need to be the person who actually produces the stream of leads that are eventually converted to sales. As soon as possible, your job in the business has to be focussing on the processes. You need to build the processes so that the business can grow.

You shouldn’t feel like just an employee in your business. If you want to grow your business to six or seven figures, you need to figure out how to create a business process. If you don’t do this, you will get stuck at a certain point.

There is going to be this invisible wall that always prevents you from going further. The wall is actually just time. You don’t have thirty hours in a day, even if you work your ass off you still only have sixteen.

This wall is going to stop you from ever growing past a certain point of revenue.

Unless you learn how to delegate and outsource work, there is no way around this wall.

How to deal with overwhelm is to make conscious decisions of what is stressing you and create a plan to minimize it in the future, it is not going to change overnight (like everything) work on your habits, work on outsourcing skill, work on your focus and improve project by project.

Are you facing issues delegating or outsourcing your work? Let me know in the comments

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