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How to make websites result focused:

Split testing / conversion design = saved ad spend
Maintenance / hosting = saved expenses

Once a prospect/client understand your value proposal and he reach out, you can easily charge more for a website, or do like me, after a websites I have gained a lot of trust with that client, so I offer to advertise for them and start a retainer deal for ad management.

Regardless of your strategy, making your first contact about “check how much you will save, a similar client saved “X” is a MUCH more attractive pitch than “I am a great designer, please give me money for something you don`t need”


Let me know what you think below:

a $4K sale and recent changes

The $4K sale is for a web shop for a earlier client I created a website for, it was a long sales cycle, but no work on my work. I simply added the client to a follow-up campaign based on value where my "call to action" was, tell me when you are ready to get started.

Today the client call me up and we agree on 50% upfront – and I will start right away. Well, the first think I was doing was to order a flight ticket..

In today's video I explain why I am focusing on ad management as a main service as a inspiration from a book called "value based pricing" 

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